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About Dust blob

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I'm looking for a new projector.
Does anyone know if with a 3 LCD like the Epson EH-TW 6100 there is a risk of formation of dust blob?
Was it a problem in previous models?
Are 3 LCD safe now?
Thanks. smile.gif
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Lcds, typically don't have sealed light paths and can still be affected by dust blobs. There is still a chance of it happening.
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How's this for simplicity? ANYWHERE air gets into an LCD projector you have the chance for both dust blobs and LCD panels picking up dust specks. Its part of the technologies DNA. In order to cool the LCD Panels you need air flow. Keep the filters clean and if you are handy build a Pre filter and attach it to the projectors air intakes. Some projectors are more prone to collecting dust in the optical path.

BTW The down side to a DLP projector is the color wheel failing or the DLP chip white spot failure.
-Pick your poison.

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Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never seen a "dust blob" complaint about a JVC D-ILA projector, so JVC tops my list of potential pj replacements.
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