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Looking for insight on these two models

1. Samsung UN55ES7100

2. LG 55LM7600

Been doing a lot of research and cant decide between these two models. While at the local shop I was looking at the 7600 and then the salesman introduces me to the 7100's active 3D. While both 3D demos were really great. I guess one could say the active was a bit more popping. My biggest hang up is that I would say I am partial to Samsung having two of their products as my current televisions and have been nothing but happy with them. However I almost feel as though I would prefer the active 3D because the glasses are cheaper to buy/replace than active and do not require any type of battery or charging. I have young children and one knows easily these things can get sat on or otherwise destroyed. I also would not let the 3D feature be the only deciding factor since I don't know how much 3D will really be watched. Most of the other features are very similar in these models. I guess my question from a guy who knows very little about this stuff but wants to get the most for his money. Is one of these sets a clear winner over the other? Thanks