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Help with Rear Surround speaker selection

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I'm trying to decide on an affordable rear surround speaker option. I've got Infinity Beta 20's as mains, Beta 360 center, a Denon 1712 AVR, and a temporary subwoofer (also want to upgrade)

3 that I've identified are:

Polk TL2 ($90 each)
Infinity OWS 1 (Craigslist for $75/pair)
Infinity Primus P163 ($85 each)

I listen to both music and movies and would prefer something easily wall-mountable and that would adequately match my other speakers. The OWS 1 are obviously half the price and I think the tweeter and woofer are the same material as the Betas.

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What do you guys think?
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How much space behind the rear row to the speaker mounting point? That will help with your decision.

I have heard great things about the Primus speakers. Especially when used in conjunction with the Beta series.

I am a little more interested in the OWS-1 speakers personally. I need a pair for my rear surrounds to match my Beta's due to having a row right up against the rear wall.

I would scratch the Polks as they are not a good match for the Beta's.

Let us know what you get. Of course if you get the Primus, I would be interested in getting those OWS-1 smile.gif
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after much debate, and being in the same price bracket as you, but with 4 channels to fill- i got the BIC 62si for all 4 of my rear channels. They were the right price/quality for me, sound great when i got them, after 30hrs they really opened up and sound better than my fronts! i added polyfill aswell (two $5 pillows from ocean state) bout 110 a pair.

The sony SS-b3000 are highly regarded aswell. 110 a pair, but larger.

Real tight budget. The B652's are well known and reviewed. cheapest bang for you buck 50/pair

Dont feel like you have to match your rears to your front. Its only really important for your front stage (L,C,R) to match. Remember its more ambient sound. your not even supposed to point rear channels at the listener, only the fronts. Again ambiance.
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I think I'm going to snag the OWS1 from local Craigslist seller. Half the price of the Primus and with the already bulky Betas I think I'll go with the smaller more discrete choice. Next up is a decent "musical" subwoofer.

or a used SVS or Hsu are where I'm leaning.

Although I do listen to TV and movies, I want a sub that is above all accurate and "musical"....but can't spend much.
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