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Comcast wireless troubles

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My dad just got Comcast double play (internet and tv). Now my mediabridge wireless adapter will not connect to the wifi access point no matter what I do. I am able to connect via ethernet.
Now, before we had comcast we had At&t and I believe I setup the new att router on my computer. I am wondering if the old att profile somehow is still on my computer preventing the new comcast router from connecting to the wireless network.
I have:
-power cycled the comcast router
-uninstalled the mediabridge driver
-restarted my computer
-went to command prompt and entered: ipconfig/release & ipconfig/refresh
the message that comes up when I try to input the CORRECT network key is: the key is incorrect. but it is not.

I am able to connect my ipod touch and both of my laptops to the new router.
None of my attempts have worked. Is there anything else I can do.
I am using a desktop.
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Can you just search for available wireless network? Find the correct name for the router, double click it and input the correct SSID?
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If you have a Comcast router, that's your problem. Comcast should have NOTHING to do with your home network. The only thing Comcast owns in my apartment is one CableCard.
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So I figured it out and the comcast router was blocking my computer through some wacky parental control module. I have never seen anything like that before. Whatever, I got my wifi working.
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