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M2ts files wont play.

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I just picked up a new S390 other day.It has latest firmware and is up to date. Im having a hard time converting dvd's and streaming them .I've tried a couple different ways.Used MakeMKV and it makes a MKV . I tried Plex Media Server,PS3 media server to stream. the mkv. The video shows up as a M2TS file and wont play without transcoding. From reading some of the posts in this thread the S390 does play MKV and M2TS's???
I have tried MakeMKV. Tried Anydvd rip to iso. Tried Dvd shrink.Used ImgBurn to rip to iso. Everything ends up it shwoing up as a M2TS and can only be played by transcoding it.
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Mods ask that all questions go in the dedicated player thread. Search m2ts.


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Stratotak, you need to use Serviio and the Bravia 2012 profile. It won't play iso files.
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I got around it and got what I wanted done. Take a dvd and just the movie and be able to stream it with out having to convert it and losses quality. I used AnyDVD to rip it to Video_TS folder. Opened DVDShrink and re-authored with no compression and saved title movie as Video_TS.Then used TsMuxer to join vobs and saved as one M2TS file.
Sadly it only works when streaming it with PS3 Media server.When I use Plex Medie Server it transcodes and quality is horrible. I guess Ill use Plex to stream to my Roku and use PS3 MS to stream M2TS to my Sony Blu ray.Trying to avoid having to convert dvd movies to the very limited formats that the Roku will play with out having it transcoded on the fly by Plex.
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If you have MKV file already, convert them to m2ts is no brainer and very easy to do using TsMuxer. There is no need go with your convoluted way.

Yes, S390/590 will only play MPEG2 (as well as VC-1) videos in m2ts format. H.264 video can be streamed from mkv file.

The downside of m2ts is that you lost all the chapter points.
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