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Video but no Sound

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Using an ONKYO NR414 and Samsung 6100 (apparently Smart) TV

This should be an easy one....I can't seem to get the settings right so that I can get audio back through the HDMI from the All Share feature on the TV. I know this is an ARC related issue so does the 6100 not support ARC or whats the deal here....What do i need to turn on for this? Or do i have to run a cable to the 414 from the tv's audio because im trying to avoid this.


EDIT: I realized i was plugged into HDMI1 which doesnt support ARC...HDMI2 does so now i get sound through the speakers in the TV but nothing through the 414...

Boom:turned on HDMI Ctrl...problem solved. Delete the thread thnx
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Correct. For the HDMI(ARC) feature to work correctly the following setup must be followed ...

AVR settings
1. HDMI into the AVR plugged in to the HDMI monitor out labeled (ARC) (if there are 2 monitor outputs and only one supports ARC).
2. HDMI Control set to ON

TV settings
1. HDMI into the TV plugged in to the correct HDMI (ARC) input (only one input and more often HDMI #2).
2. HDMI-CEC enabled (eg. Anynet+, BraviaSync, VierraLink, SimpLink, etc).
3. Audio set to "external speakers" or "home theater".

(1) More often than not the audio using the HDMI(ARC) setting is restricted to only PCM 2.0 while the optical audio ouput can pass DD 5.1 (eg. Netflix movies) so check your TV's owner manual to confirm whether that is the case with your TV as you may get better quality audio with the optical audio connection from the TV to the AVR.
(2) The HDMI(ARC) configuration will generally cause the AVR to switch to the TV input a short time after being powered on (regardless of the last source used with the AVR) which can be annoying to some. Turning HDMI-CEC on the TV to OFF and using an optical audio cable will avoid this issue.
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