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Going Rogue with Buzzing Issues for the Panasonic P55ST50

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Ok guys, I got a P55ST50 a November 2012 Build (-2). I get slight buzzing sounds that fluctuate depending on the brightness of a scene. I can hear it with low volume up to level 8, at bright scenes from about 8 feet away. This is more apparent when I watch bright scenes in blu-ray that are quiet like in (Planet Earth).
Now I've read all the discussions about buzzing and such, most people don't have much luck exchanging or getting repairs (tightening screws, and board replacement). I've also ran out of Amazon's 30 day return window. So I'm going rogue, and I think we need to figure out a way to silence those 2 pairs of coils, that seems to be the main culprit.
I believe that by properly opening up the back panel, then applying the proper epoxy/glue will silence those pairs of coils.
I've built a lot of pcs and I have experience in repairing computer hardware. So I already know the risks involved.

Can anyone recommend any electronic glue to use on the 4 coils mentioned by caice 7134 in that second link above?
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Originally Posted by SaviorMachine View Post

You do know that all plasmas buzz, right? There's seldom any effort to quantify the noise, and I always wonder if sometimes, the problem is an invalid expectation of silence. No offense, after all you seem to know a little bit about stuff, but your use of the words "slight buzzing" and "low volume" leave me wondering if you're taking a risk with no potential reward.
Like me and many others on the forum that are nitpicky about things such as this notice this during scenes of silence and brightness, which occur sometimes in movies, tv shows, and commercials. What bothers me the most is the fluctuation, that makes it even more apparent. I thank you for the advice to give it a second thought before diving in.

P.S. I'm still on the hunt for some good and reliable electronic glue/epoxy.
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Yeah. I deleted my post because it didn't actually answer your question and who asked me for my opinion? Not you wink.gif Good luck, and if it works, come back and share; you'll be an insta-hero smile.gif
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I’m not answering either and I don’t intend to ridicule, but I’m thinking of returning my current set I just purchased (Samsung 6100 Series) for either this set or a 6500 Series Samsung and I’m being scared off because of all this talk of the buzzing amongst the other issues associated with plasma generally.

I’ve questioned if it is a hypersensitivity by some who might be on the more critical side of being a ‘videophile.’ So, I appreciate it being pointed out that it might be just that actually.

I’m going to try to sift through this forum today before I make my decision. I can’t believe this one television set has a thread with 750k views to it and nearly 300 pages of posts. Wow! I’m hoping those aren’t all pages of problems/issues. LOL
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Ok so I've opened the back panel carefully, and I've found the source of the buzzing,

This is the top right called the SS board,

This is the bottom right

The middle with power supply

The bottom left

The top left

Ok most of the buzzing seems to come from the top right board aka the ss board.

If you notice, they have a white paste on them. This picture circled in red shows the main source of the buzzing, notice the paste is poorly done.

Now if you compare this to the top left paste circled in red, the paste is gray.

Where can I get these special pastes to do a better job of dampening the vibration?
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Originally Posted by rahkz View Post

Where can I get these special pastes to do a better job of dampening the vibration?

This poster used regular GE Silicone II caulk to minimize his buzzing.
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Hot glue will also work. It's frequently used on power supplies in PC's.
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gracias amigos.
Anyone else have any other silicone, glue, or epoxy for electronic parts that you would recommend?
I'm all ears for any suggestions on the glue.
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I took my UT50 apart today and discovered that these same CBB21 capacitors were the buzzing culprits.

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