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Need help please with my NAD M15

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Hi all,

I have a peculiar problem which someone perhaps can help me. I own a NAD M15 and have somehow lost the remote. I have searched all over and cannot find a replacement. I am, therefore, wondering whether anyone with access to the remote might be willing to program a universal remote such as one of the Logitechs directly from the NAD remote and send me the universal remote. Of course I would pay all costs and expenses and programming costs for your time and effort. I would not go through this process excepting for the fact that it seems all the setup processes for the M15 cannot be done directly on the M15 itself but must be done through the use of the remote control.

I very much appreciate someone's attention to this. I am not sure whether my idea will actually work, so also, perhaps someone here will let me know. In addition, the distributors for NAD do have remotes for the newer M15HD but do not have any replacement remotes that I can buy.

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Would NAD's own HTR3 remote work? NAD somewhat vaguely states that it is "Preprogrammed with all NAD remote commands...."

[Back in the day, I used to have a NAD 3020 - probably the best performing piece of kit for the price I've ever bought!]
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The NAD M15 codes are available in Pronto Hex format, using the file NADtoPronto.zip on the NAD website. The protocol is NEC1, device 135.124. You could extract these codes and send them to Logitech to be added to a remote you buy--although the M15 codes are probably already in their database. Or you could plausibly find an old UEI manufactured remote which carries setup code Audio 0320. Many of the usual signals are available on 0320, and any others an be added manually. Candidate remotes are listed in the Lookup Tool . Or you could use a JP1 cable (about $20) to upload an upgrade to a JP1 remote--cheapest is the Comcast remote typically found on eBay for $6 shipped.

The Sony VLZ620 does have 0320 (entered as 80320), but the provided functions can't be augmented, and perhaps not all of the functions you need to set up the M15 are included.
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My 163 remote works on my M15. It isnt the matching silver but it does the same thing for the most part as the master series remote.
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