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Marantz AV7005 ground loop hum-strange happenings!!!

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Hey guys,

I have an XBox 360, Samsung cable box, PS3, Nintendo WII, Sony ES CD player, Oppo 103, Outlaw Audio 7700 amp, Toshiba 50 inch DLP TV, Epson 5020 and a Marantz AV7005 all running into 2 Panamax 5300's. The 3 new components are the Epson PJ, Oppo 103 and Marantz 7005 which I nstalled a few months ago. They replaced a panny PJ, Pioneer BDP51 and Outllaw 990 Pre. With the old system I never had anything more then a slight hum. Right before I added in the new components, the system started to hum louder. I didn't do anything about it as I knew I was changing some of the pieces so I would deal with it then, nothing new was done to the house.

I installed all the new equipment, all new cables, turned it on and the dam hum was still there. I pulled the cablebox in wire, hum gone. Purchased a Jennson transformer isolater, installed, hum gone. Great!! Next time i turned it one, hum came back, equal in all speakers, volume does not effect it, steady buzz. I started pulling wires trying to isolate it. When I pulled the PJ HDMI, buzz stopped. Someone on this forum asked me if the PJ was plugged into the Pannamax, it was not as it is on the other side of the room. I ran a cord over from the PJ to the Panamax and the hum stopped again. I then ran SJ cord 14/3 from the PJ to the Panamax, turned everything on, hum was back, this time in only the rear right speaker. I am running a 5.2 set up.

I pulled all the cables etc and couldn't find what was making the buzz. I switched the wire from one speaker to the other, the buzz followed, it was in that wire. At this point I was so pissed off I decided to run a dedicated 20 amp circuit from my panel to my componenets. Using 12-3 i ran the circuit with an isolated ground and used that type of recepticle. Plugged everything into that circuit, still buzzes from the rear right speaker.

I was playing around with the back of the Marantz 7005, I pulled out HDMI 2 cable which runs to the Toshiba TV, buzz still there, when I went to put it back in, I was off a little and the HDMI end was tapping the back of the 70005, I heard static and all of a sudden, bam, the buzz went quiet. I plugged back in the HDMI cable to HDMI out and the buzz was still gone. I shut down, turned it back on, buzz back, still out of the rear right surround speaker.

Again, I tap the cable to the back ot the Marantz, some static and the buzz goes quiet again. WTF!!! If the HDMI cable taps a back screw on the Marantz, the buzz stops also. Almost like a capacitor is discharging.

What is going one, can someone please help me on this one, I am at a loss here. Brand new 20 amp circuit, isolated ground, nothing on the line but my home theater, back right speaker buzzing kind of loud, then tap HDMI out 2 from Marantz, static then quiet???

I tried it with HDMI 1 out of the Marantz and nothing. This is the one to the PJ which is a Monoprice 60 foot Redmere cable. It is the only Redmere cable I am using.

Sorry post is so long, I tried to keep it as short as I could.


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Has anyone ever encountered anything like this?? Thanks.
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I am having the same problem. I have buzz in both my speakers even when the AV7005 is turned off. I'm trying to figure out if it is my amps (MA500) thats crazy that you installed a dedicated breaker and your still having the problem. This is driving me crazy I will keep posting as I investigate more.
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