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Originally Posted by vdoggie View Post

so you are claiming they lost 9.8 - 5.6 = 4.2 billion?? That can't be accurate... not sure where you are finding these numbers..

I'm not claiming anything, I'm telling you what the figure states. There's nothing subjective about it in the slightest. And you're not sure where I'm finding these numbers? I already told you the source. Their 2011 and their 2012 annual reports.

If you want to see the size of their bank account to find out how much cash they have in hand, you simply go to their consolidated balance sheet and look at the figure. There's absolutely no rocket science involved here. Nintendo is a publically traded corporation and these figures are public information available in their financial reports and said reports are extremely easy to locate online. Furthermore, Nintendo even converts it to the current USD figure at the time for you if you look in the appropriate column so there's not even a need for someone to do any conversion.

Just what is it you're looking at for 40 billion USD that makes you so sure you're correct and that what Nintendo themselves state in their reports is incorrect?
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To satisfy my curiousity on what's normal for Nintendo and to provide some comparison with those earlier figures, here's how their cash has looked over the years.

2002: 7.2 billion USD
2003: 6.2 billion
2004: 6.9 billion
2005: 7.4 billion
2006: 5.3 billion
2007: 5.8 billion
2008: 9.0 billion
2009: 7.7 billion
2010: 9.5 billion
2011: 9.8 billion
2012: 5.6 billion
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They had approx 40 billion Yen income in FY 2011. Maybe that is where the number is coming from.
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They had net sales of 12.2 billion USD in 2011 (1 trillion Yen; I never realized just how many Yen there was to a dollar) with a net income of 935 million after expenses (77 billion Yen).

He should know that the size of their bank account is a completely different thing from their revenue or profit. From their revenue, they have to pay their costs and if finances allow, pay their shareholders a dividend. And all of their net profit doesn't go into the bank since they have dividends to pay, investments to be made, etc.
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Sales talk always leads into this kind of discussion.

Guess we shall just have to wait and see what happens.

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