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LG 60PA5500 question

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Hi guys.

Brand new to the forum, and very grateful I found you guys. I've just purchased the above TV last night from Fry's for a great price.

My question is with regards to the pixel orbiter and/or wash function. I am not able to find where I can set/do these in the set. Would someone kindly point me in the right direction?

I'd truly appreciate it.

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press "settings" on your remote, then go to the "options" box in the menu, then an other window will open, go to "ISM Method" in the list and choose between orbiter or color wash and press ok tongue.gif i own the 50" model and i was lost too at first lol
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Thank you so very much. Found it. Can you tell me how long and often I should run the color wash?

Lastly, If you have time, I'd love to know any other special tricks you may know of.

Many thanks again for your help.

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this is my first plasma set so my experience is really limited, i run color wash really often but that's mainly me beign obsessive, haha

i'm used to color wash the screen each time i cause IR (image retention) after consecutive hours of "abuse" (like after a long DVD/BR movie with black bars), or extended gaming sessions (because HUD stuff). especially if i'm not going to use the screen for a while then (like nightime and the next morning)

This means i'm used to do it more than once per day, wich is probably quite overkill biggrin.gif

anyway because of such assiduity i keep washing the screen only 1-2 minutes long since the IR never gets strong and goes away really fast
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Again, many thanks for your help with this my friend. It sound like you and I both suffer from the same OCD when it comes to running the color wash, as I too run it several times a day.

Thanks again for your reply. If you think of any other advise, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hello. I own a 50pa5500 and I was wondering if there was an official thread for us or are we combined with the pa6500?

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