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I'll start by hoping this is a valid place to post this.

Below is an excerpt of an XLD (a mac application) log file representing a CD rip.

CRC32 hash : 401774B2
CRC32 hash (skip zero) : 60E2F2A9
AccurateRip v1 signature : 283D827E
AccurateRip v2 signature : 9624CBA5
->Accurately ripped (v1+v2, confidence 38+11/1036)

First, what are the CRC32 hashes? What do they mean? Is it something I can verify against my CD?

I think the same goes with the AccurateRip signature. How do I verify these as correct.

How do I interpret these?

Also, in the case of (v1+v2, confidence 38+11/1036), what does 38+11/1036 mean?

I appreciate any insight.