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I am the not so proud owner of a Pace Tahoe DVR. I also have a rental of the same model. My initial problem was that I had purchased the DVR from my local cable co. and after about 15 months (just after the warranty lapsed) it went into permanent reboot. This being my third DVR that had died in the space of about 5 yrs, I decided that it would be cheaper to rent, at least when the unit dies I can get a replacement. My friend works for the cable co. and took my dead DVR into the shop. They said it works fine. He brought it back, I hooked it up-straight into reboot mode, he tok it back they check it again and say its fine. I hook it back up and reboot. I then hook it up to a standard tv with no hdmi, just cable and it sets up to reboot but the does a software download that takes about a half hour, when it gets to the end it went straight back to the start of the download . Any ideas.I would really appreciate the help as I am stuck with this box no matter what. Tahnks in advance. Smokin