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Sub for a budget system. Open room

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I have been putting together a system and come to the point where I am really missing the bass my old Sony LBT-GT5500 system had (2x 6" 120watts\channel) .

Currently own a Denon 1713 ($250 amazon price mistake), 2x Pioneer SP-FS52 LR($80 each Meijer Santa bucks via Amazon), and a Pioneer SP-C22 ($50 Best Buy MC deal) center channel. They really lack bass, but I enjoy the crisp sound. My living room is an open floor plan connected to the dinning room and kitchen. Layout is here. Living room is 18x16 in line with a 12x12 dinning room and a 12x12 kitchen. Living room has carpet other rooms have hard flooring. Viewing distnace is about 11 feet centered in the main living room.

I have been looking at the Dayton 1200 as it seems to be the best bang for the buck, I'm just wondering do I need to go 12" or would 10" or even 8" be okay? Listening to some of the 8" at Best Buy seem to make me wonder what is the point because I can hardly hear them.

I plan to add the matching rears, but I'm looking to get a sub first. Willing to look at subs that go up to $300 (can usually find these for half the price anyways), just unsure if I should go a single 12", 2x 10" for this long room.
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The BIC PL-200 is the most recommended sub at under $300. You need to check its thread for how to get the best price.

Two BIC PL-200s will not adequately fill your listening area which appears to be ~6000 cubic feet.

You can also check the excellent reviews by Josh Ricci at www.data-bass.com.

I have added Archaea's excellent review of the Klipsch RW-12D (which was discontinued in October but can sometimes still be purchased).
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I would also check out the Klipsch RW12D which is perhaps the best all around performer for the money when on sale on Newegg for $299.

If you can stretch a bit, the 15" Premier Acoustics PA150 has tons of output for the money above 30hz and can be had for as low as $350. In a room as large as yours you're going to need it. You can find detailed info on this sub on Databass as well.
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Any good links on sub size vs. room size vs. listening distance? I don't need to fill the whole room with equal bass just the living room and I was under the impression I would be better off going with 2 smaller\cheaper subs to get balanced sound in this area and ignore the area behind me. I don't plan on listening to music\watching too much of the movie from the snack bar.

I'll check those subs, I just wish I could just hear them all first. I'm worried at my listening distance anything too big will just overpower the Pioneer towers.
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Trust me don't worry about overpowering your towers. What you need to understand is that bass works totally different than trebel and mid range sounds ALSO if correctly calibrated it will never overpower your speakers. When choosing speakers for a room you really only need to consider the actual room you will be listening in. BUT when choosing sub(s) you need to factor in the entire area that is open to the room you will be in.

Get the biggest most powerful sub you can afford and go from there. I'm guessing most ppl would tell you to look at 2 - 12 or 15" subs with high power and output and probably between $500 and $1k per sub.
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