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Blacking out Windows

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Hey All,

Has anyone tried this product?


Is there a better option out there for the cost? I have two large windows (95 inches wide x 50" tall), and the cost would be about $75 for each window.

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Easy DIY project. It's just blackout cloth and adhesive backed velcro. Similar cloth sells for about $15/yard (54" wide) at your nearest fabric store.

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I took sheets of 4x8 foamcore and used a carpet knife to cut the sheets to fit my windows. Since my cuts weren't perfect, I taped the edges with black gaffer's tape. For the foam core I used, one side is white and the other is black. The black side faces in and the white side faces out. And since the windows are behind bamboo shades, you can't see the foamcore behind them from the outside. From outside, the white foamcore looks good.

You can buy this stuff at local photographer supply stores. You can't really buy it online (or at least I've never found it at reasonable prices).
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