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AirPort Express or Arctic Audio Relay

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Want to stream my music (mostly m4a coming from my classic music CD or iTunes Store) from my Synology DS213 NAS to my old stereo.

Reading and asking I found two cost effective solutions: AirPlay trough Airport Express or DLNA trough Arctic Audio Relay.

Want to know someone experience using both systems, where my doubts are:

- media server - media render link: NAS is connected to wifi router that is in different room respect my stereo. So the media render (AirPort Express or Arctic Audio Relay) will be connected only to my stereo trough AUX port, and will be connected to NAS only using the wifi network. This configuration will sure work with DLNA, but can also work with AirPlay?

- media format support: as I said almost all my library is in m4a format. As media render Arctic support AAC and I still need to understand if this mean also support m4a. About AirPort I didn't understand what media format are supported. On top of that Synology Audio Station (the NAS media server) support transcoding, so what about I need to care?
Using DLNA I know I need to be sure the media render support my audio formats, but if m4a are not supported from Arctic, Audio Station can do the aac --> m4a transcoding on the fly? Using AirPort I need to care about audio formats or its transparent and Audio Station will take care of all?

About remote control I will use iPad, hopefully Synology DS Audio app will work both with AirPlay and DLNA, if not sure work with AirPlay, for DLNA there are other solutions.

So a lot of doubts, thanks for helping I'm really confused.
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Did you figure this out, as I am debuting the exact same thing.
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Finally I bought an AirPort Express.

Work fine with m4a AAC encoding, no problem with wireless connection, working good with iOS controller.

Only problem I need to find the detailed NAS firewall conf to allow play and forget, mean start a audio stream and next close the iOS controller.

The main reasons not to go for Arctic was: appear to have problems with wifi connection when the hotspot is more than 3 mt away (need to be confirmed, the user that give me the info has a really old house with big stone walls), do not support lossless formats (in fact not important for me, I choose for lossy AAC encoding), was not sure about m4a support (received a couple of days ago a mail from Arctic: does support it) and was not sure about what iOS controller can be used (in fact being DLNA compliant I think any DLNA controller can be used).

Need to say the only major concern is wifi range, otherwise I have preferred a standard DLNA render to a proprietary protocol such as AirPlay. If you are interested I suggest you write to Arctic to clarify this specific topic, they will reply you and you can maybe share here your result.
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