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NAS problem streaming videos on smart tv

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Hi friends,

I write after long time here... please forgot me if I make some writing mistakes (I'm from Italy)

by the way, here's the problem:

I have recently bought a new tv Sharp LC60 LE743E connected to my router DLink DIR655 with a powerline; connected to the lan there is also my home pc and a LaCie Networkspace 2 2 TB Nas.

The TV read without problems audio, image and video files on the home pc but If I try to do the same with the same files on the Nas I can't find the video files.
With audio and image files I have no problem. I also tried to connect directly Nas and router to the tv without using the powerline but the problem reamains. The LaCIe support said that the problem is due to the TV not compatible with the Nas and the Sharp support said the exact opposite!!

Can you help me to find a solution (if exist...) ???

I will appreciate so much your support.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm sorry. I tried doing some research for your set up, but Lacie's instructions on how to enable shares are too complicated. However, if your TV is DLNA / UPnP compliant you should be able to access your files as long as you have enable shares according to their instructions.
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DLNA as a standard does not always work, there are differences that break compatibility. DLNA servers employ profiles to work around these differences but your server must support this feature and have the necessary profile for it to work.

Google says the Lacie NAS uses Twonky but might be version 6 or version 5, it is possible to install Twonky 7 with some work on the NAS. Once Twonky 7 is up and running login to it's control panel, then go to sharing->media receivers->show and locate the IP of your Sharp TV, then from the drop down box pick the "Sharp AQUOS TV" profile.
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Thank you Alx330

I followed your instrucrions but I have 1 doubt: I have to install it on my pc or in the NAS?

I installed Twonky 7 on pc but not sure if I understand correctly; how to install Twonky 7 on NAS LaCie??

keep in mind that you are giving me a great support; I'm spending around 2 months with LaCie soupport with no results....!!!

ciao and thanks again

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Yes to you have to install Twonky 7 on the NAS (not on the PC), follow the instructions in the link however you might need someone more familiar with linux/command lines to do it. Lacie NAS are not like other NAS that allow you to install your own software as apps like Synology, QNAP or Thecus.

Does Twonky 7 on the PC work with the SharpTV ? it should and at least will give you confirmation that Twonky 7 once installed on the NAS will resolve the problem.
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thank you once again ALX!

the link you gave me seems not to work, can you check?

on another side: please give me advice on a good buy NAS ....

thanks and waiting for your next reply

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ok ALX now the link works but yes I need little more help on the points 5, 6 and 7

can you help?


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Sorry cant help any further than that, I don't own a Lacie NAS so I'm not familiar with it. If you know anyone who is good with linux they might be able to help you out. This person here is offering an alternative firmware for the Network Space 2 that runs Twonky, this might be an easier way to get it, be sure to have a backup of all your data of the NAS before trying it though.

As to a replacement NAS, QNAP TS-112 would be fine, you can buy them with or without a HDD if you have your own spare. QNAP run Twonky 6 out of the box and Twonky 7 is available in their QPKG center (app store).
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Thank you Alx330

I made registration on General NAS-Central Forum and I put the question to the guys there...

I'm not satisfied of this NAS, I dont ask the moon but the A B C for a NAS....I'm really thinking to change to TS-112

your support was great !!



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