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Dish Network 1000+

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Well i have gathered some information from researching online, but still a bit confused, so i figure someone here will help clear things up.

I am looking to install a Dish Network Satellite so i can pick up 110,118.7,119 & 129. I have a dual tuner receiver, so i would like to only run one cable back to the receiver.

From what i understand what i need is a Dish 500+ and a bracket and DPP Dual LNBF to complete the above installation. I would also need a DPP34 or DPP44 to complete the installation.

While looking up for satellites on ebay, there seems to be some dishes which say they are dish pro plus, but come with a built in switch. There is a port to add another dish to it (which would be 129). Will this dish work? Do i still need a DPP34/44.

Would appreciate the feedback to clarify my confusion. smile.gif
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Depending on the programming you will want will determine the satellite dish you will get. If you want SD/HD programming w/locals and International programming (118.7) you will want our 1000Plus dish. If you are just getting locals and SD/HD programming our 1000.2 satellite dish will work fine.
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