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In another forum, someone, who watched a lot of old TV shows with a 4:3 aspect ratio, afterward reported seeing "lines" exactly where the edges of the 4:3 picture fell. These lines appear etched into all widescreen material and appear to be permanent. I told him that this was supposed to be an impossibility, but he insisted that it was so. He said,
...the lines are positioned at the precise points where the edges of the left-and-right black bands appear when the TV is set on 4:3. Can that just be a coincidence? Even it it is, what caused them to appear after 4 years and 5 months of flawless performance?

So, what are these lines? How can can I get rid of them? I appreciate the help and advice I've gotten, but I need to know what these lines ARE . . . not what they aren't.

I don't want a buy a new TV and then screw it up the same what I did this one!

Has anyone ever heard of this problem, andn offer an explanation, and (hopefully) a remedy?