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I have a 4 year old GD01MX case which I have been using with the imon remote that came with it for all 4 years successfully. The other day the remote stopped working for a while then came back and then stopped completely.

I purchased another imon remote and it still didnt work. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the imon software and still no good. I am presuming it is the Imon receiver in the case which is the issue?? But I am unsure whether it is the VFD or the LCD version that I need.

Anyone with a similar case had the same issue or know if it is the VFD or LCD version? And is there an easier way to maybe just replace the remote control receiver part so I dont have to pull the case apart??

I have had a look and it looks a pain to pull the front off the case.

Anybody who has done it tips are welcome??

Thankx in Advance