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Hi to all, sorry for my English, i'll do my best (i'm Italian).
I'm trying to calibrate my Samsung Led UE40ES6100 tv with the avs HD 709 disk.
My only devices connected to my tv are an htpc (windows 8 based) and a ps3, so i used the avchd disk and my ps3 to do it. Everything went fine but after that i looked also with the alternative methods to see if it was ok the calibration (avchd with tmt on my htpc and mp4 via usb key directly to tv) and i notice something odd.
The ps3 and the mp4 through usb showed white clipping bars in white balance basic setting even the one's higher than 235, but in the htpc they always stop to 235, doesn't matter my settings. Why there is this difference? video aren't limited to 16-235? How can i get the same output to my htpc? i have an e450 fusion apu, I looked in gpu settings and i got rgb full output as output setting that i read should be the best for pc cards..
Is there something i have to set on my pc to get a better color accuracy?
Thanks in advance for all the answers