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OK so I have been in the professional sound and lighting business for years (events like weddings, bar gigs, school dances) and I am looking to incorporate video now - however, I am a complete novice.

What are some good resources for learning about projection from a professional standpoint? Are there any good books or websites?

I am not interested in theater applications - basically just "business" and entertainment projection - slideshows, and graphics to accompany an entertainment lighting show.

Are there any very general basic professional etiquette skills? Obviously it will be many years before I get most stuff under my belt - and it is hard to communicate this over a internet forum vs. real-life experience - but any help would be greatly appreciated. I am just looking for some direction here.

Who are the major players in the industry? What brands? What installation companies? What contractors? What parts wholesalers?
What is definitely "pro" and what is definitely not "pro"?

thanks in advance.