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Help: New build - Reducing Switches clutter

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We are building a new house - 2 story, approximately 3300 Sq ft. (near Mountain View, CA) The framing is complete and the rough electrical work is in progress. Due to adding a few new design features we have ended up with more lighting zones in ground floor especially in the family/kitchen great room that originally planned. There are areas where we are ending up with a 6 gang next to a 5 gang switches!

Given the large number of switches, we want to hide the switches - and are looking options such as Lutron Homeworks. Given the super short fuse on the project, trying to get a sense approximately what cost would be so that we can make a quick decision on whether to stay on the current course or move to a central. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Also, pointers with good Lutron installers greatly appreciated
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1. Lutron GrafikEye can do up to 6 zones in a 4-gang box if you like the look
2. Disperse the wall boxes and use keypads (any technology: Lutron, Insteon, Z-Wave, ...)
3. Use inline or micro modules and keypads (Insteon, Z-Wave, Zigbee)
4. Go to a home run (central) system as you mentioned
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I suggest you speak with an experienced pro ASAP, someone who has solved this problem before. If you contact Lutron, they'll give you a list of local integrators, but that isn't too helpful.

I would try to contact a local Lutron rep, someone who knows all of the local guys, and could recommend some very good ones who could solve the problem and respect time constraints.

HomeWorks has been replaced by the QS line.
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+1 Neuorad

You might also post the number of switchlegs or lighting loads (total number of switches on project counting only one of the 3 ways) you will have, and also the number of switch locations (that 6 gang at the kitchen at door to hall is a single location) , a dealer of a centralized system may be able to give you a price range.
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It doesn't have to be Lutron; Vantage would be another consideration.
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Thanks - Currently I have about 16 lighting loads in the ground floor, and about 4 switching locations. and I do want to use key pads. Being a newbies, on a superfast learning curve. Is there a good newbie FAQ to get started ?
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