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First post here and hopefully I'm in the right place! smile.gif

Goal: I'm looking to get a 3.0 system setup or possibly at a later time add a sub in for 3.1 and already have a pretty good idea of what speakers I am wanting to go with.

Problem: I need to know whyyyyyyyy there are so many receivers ranging so far in price. What the heck is the difference and what can I get away with while spending the least amount necessary. I'm not looking for something that's crap, but I've just always looked at receivers as just something everything hooks up to and don't understand how or why they get so costly. (I know, I'm ignorant to receivers).

My setup:

I think I will be going with Infinity all the way.

Center channel speaker - PC351 $ 200 on Amazon

2 x's Floor speakers - Infinity P363's $117 each at Fry's Electronics

This brings me to about $434 and to keep me around budget of $700, about 250 ish for a receiver. Now I am flexible on price for the receiver but I saw this - for about $300 and thought "What the hell else do I need from a receiver?"

So any help is greatly appreciated! Hope to visit the boards more often smile.gif