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speakers needed for new HIFI.

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Hi just joined the forum.Would appreciate some
feedback.Having only had an AV home cinema set up for the last 15 years
i would like to have a good HiFi set up in my large bedroom.
I have an Audiolab CD 8200 which I have been using with a Yamaha home cinema amp.
I am looking at getting the Arcam FMJ A19 Amp and want speakers to compliment this and my Audiolab.
I do not want to spend much more than £600 on the speakers and was looking at the Monitor Audio BX6 range rather than the smaller BX5.
Alternatively the Mordaunt-short Aviano 6.I need speakers that will handle plenty of deep bass and bring out plenty of detail in orchestral and any other types of music.PINK FLOYD,THE WHO,MADONA,GENESIS,OCEAN COLOR SCENE,NEW ORDER ect.Any speaker suggestions would be great.
Thanks in advance.
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I think that the BX6 would be an excellent choice.

The KEF Q500 would be another one to consider.
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