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Denon AVR-1513 & B&W Solid Acivepowerbass + HCM Monitors

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Hi all,

I have 4 B&W Solid HCM-1 monitors & an active powerbass system (APB specs sheet).

I'm thinking of buying a Denon AVR-1513 and was wondering how to hook up the powerbass & the 4 monitors to this AVR...

Right now the monitors are connected directly to the APB and the APB is connected to my old non-surround audio amp.

The 1513 has a seperate jack for a subwoofer, but the APB doesn't as you can see on these pictures.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Welcome to AVS Forum! smile.gif

Skip the 1513 and go for the 1613 as it adds Audyssey MultEQ to auto EQ your speakers and sub, well worth the extra expense. If you are located in the USA, give Paul's TV a "call" today when they open and they'll likely give you a great deal on it too. Check your APB manual, but you can likely connect a coax digital cable from the sub pre-out on the AVR to the the (L) line-in on the APB (or get a "Y" splitter and connect to both the L and R line inputs on the APB).

For more questions or to learn more about Denon AVRs, review the first 6 posts in the Denon AVR-XX13 Owner's thread linked in my sig.
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Thanks for the welcome and the info!

I'm actually based in Belgium. I can't seem to find a 1613 here, but they do sell the 1612. It's an extra 120 euros (US$ 160) though...
Are u sure it's worth the price difference?
Also, before spending the money, I would need to be sure I can hook up my solid system to this AVR...

Sorry for being such a noob!
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Correct. The 1613 and 2313 are not sold in Europe. If you just want better sound than what is coming from the TV speakers than the 1513 should work okay for you. If you review the Owner's manual you linked to, Fig 4 on p. 10 shows the cable connection from the AVR's sub pre-out to the (L) Line Input on the Powerbass. The speakers would be wired directly to their matching speaker posts on the AVR.
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right, I should've been able to figure that out myself...rolleyes.gif
Thanks a lot though!
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No worries ... now go get an AVR that meets your budget and feature needs and start enjoying real surround sound! smile.gif
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another quick question...
If I look on amazon.co.uk, the 1713 sells for 210 pounds, where the 1612 sells for 400 ... ? Am I missing something?


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If I were to guess, I would say the 1713 dealer is NOT an authorized Denon dealer (note that it's not Amazon selling the 1713 (as is the case with the 1612) rather a 3rd party reseller so the fact that Amazon is an authorized dealer would not apply with this purchase) and as such Denon's warranty would not be honored. The 1713 is a higher level model than is the 1612 as it uses the more advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT over just MultEQ in the 1612, not to mention the 1612 is not a networking model while the 1713 is networking. If you are able to buy a 3rd party extended warranty with the 1713 that would be the better deal for sure.
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Also note there is a dedicated thread just for Denon XX12 and XX13 Owner's linked in my sig should you decide to go with one or the other.
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