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24Bit 96Khz Hires audio out via coax possible?

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I am having some "fun and games" trying to get my Panasonic Blue-ray player (BD85) to send 24 bit hi-res audio to my external stereo DAC (Audiolab M-DAC) and wondered if there was any advise out there.

I am connecting the player to the MDAC via Coax.

The player has all the correct settings from what I can see:
PCM output
Stereo Downmix
PCM Down conversion off (to allow 96Khz according to the manual)
HDMI Audio off (Tried to on, but no difference).
Latest Firmware installed.

An example disc is the Rolling stones Grrr! Blue ray which as 24 bit 96Khz PCM Stereo sound track. When I play it back the M-DAC shows 16bit 48Khz. If its relevant, the software version is A08.

I am sure there is a way as all my equipment and cables seem to support this.

Any ideas / advise VERY welcome!

By the way I get the same results from the Led Zep Celabration Day Blueray which is 24 bit 48Khz. i.e. the M-DAC shows 16bit 48Khz.

I see in the manual it mentions:

≥ Signals are converted to 48 kHz despite the settings across in the following cases:
– when the signals have a sampling frequency of 192 kHz
– when “BD-Video Secondary Audio” is set to “On”
– when the disc has copy protection

First two, no problem I have it covered but the last one could be the problem, in that case it just wont work - anyone know if that is the case?

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Coax digital does not have copy protection, so the player is going to down convert to 48. Hdmi is the only way to pass a signal higher than 48hz to an outboard dac. I had this same issue a few years ago with two different DVD players feeding a 96hz dac. When I would push the audio button, the player displayed a 96/24 signal, but the dac displayed 48k. The odd thing was that I got two discs to play. The DVD video portion of Neil young,s live at Massey hall, and the DVD audio disc version of the Beatles love disc. All others would only play at 48hz. When I changed to a new hdmi receiver, all of the discs played their native hi Rez format. The older DVD players were pioneer universal players. My new player is a denon universal player to a new pioneer elite receiver. Good Luck.
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Thanks jbrower1,

You gave me an idea which i tried:

I already connect my TV (a Panasonic G20) via HDMI. So I took the Optical out from the TV to my M-DAC in the hope it would just pass through what it was given by HDMI. Not so, its still 48Khz not 96.... interestingly though the M-DAC is showing it is receiving 24bit.

Any thoughts?

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Most tv's will down convert audio signals. I have a Panasonic st30 and it down converts hdmi signals to PCM instead of passing through Dolby digital or Dts. I do not think that the tv would pass hi rez audio because its optical output is designed to be hooked up to a inexpensive soundbar. Since the celebration day disc is a blueray, it is going to be copy protected. Only a direct hdmi connection to a receiver that supports hi Rez will play without down converting to 48/16. Good Luck.
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