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Thinking about Sonos, need help with family room (Soundbar? Play:5? Other?)

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I am pretty sure I am going to go with Sonos for my whole house audio. I will be using Sonos:Amps to power in-ceiling speakers in each zone, with the exception of the family room.

There are currently no speakers in the FR. It is a fairly large room: 20' x 20' with a 20' ceiling. It is a problem acoustically, because it is very echoey. I am working on the problem with drapes, larger/thicker carpet, some "soft" wall paper and perhaps some sound deadening paint. This room is where we do most of our TV viewing, and dialogue on from the TV can be difficult to understand. I have a cheap Sony HT CT-500 soundbar that sounds ok but doesn't help much with the dialogue problem.

I would like to play music in this room and need advice on my options. Option 1 is to get a better soundbar and use it to play music via a Sonos Connect (if that is the right product). Option 2 would be to keep the current soundbar and get a Sonos Play:5 to play music and hope that the drapes and other things solve the TV dialogue problem. Option 3 would be something better that you guys come up with smile.gif

One of the challenges of Option 1 is finding a soundbar that would provide good dialogue enhancement, be excellent for music and cost <$700. I have been through the Soundbar forum here and my head still hurts from going through all the posts over there. I am not an audiophile, but I would like it to sound good.

Any advice, suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated!
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Can't speak to the soundbars, I think they look cool and sleek but prefer seperates. As for the Sonos, I'd fix your sound issues first, upgrade your sound system, and then decide. For a clean, simple look, hook a Sonos connect into one of the inputs on whatever sound system you end up with.

The Play:5 is excellent, but you'd probably want two linked for a room that large. For a bedroom, office, etc. the Play:5 is perfect. For the price of two of them, you'd be better off in the end spending the money on your overall sound system (since a decent receiver will run what a single Play:5 costs).
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Or you could wait until this gets released...


Would be great if they break into TV sound. How cool would it be to listen to the game while outside at the pool?
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What did you decide on for the TV room? I'm loving my Sonos system throughout the house and am holding off on my TV audio ...
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I haven't decided anything yet. I'm not getting any traction on my tread in the Soundbars forum. I have been able to tweak my current Soundbar (a cheap Sony CT-100) to improve dialogue a little, and will try driving some music through it today using my AppleTV.

I am currently thinking of upgrading to a Yamaha YHT-S401BL for several reasons, including its clear voice feature. I will probably order 1 Sonos:Amp this weekend and try it out in different zones to make sure it can do what I want.
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