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Carpet is in.  My minimalist screen wall frame is up and painted.  The rack is getting put together in its final configuration.  Things are looking good.  To my ear, the room sounds a lot better now with all the absorption of the carpet.  Can't wait to measure it over the next couple of days.  I have 5 days off so should have a lot of time to fiddle.


This should be the last picture of a theater without a screen!


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Looking good! Can we see a pic of the carpet installed?
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Originally Posted by AirBenji View Post

Looking good! Can we see a pic of the carpet installed?


Don't have the greatest pictures of the carpet alone. Here's a couple of shots that shows it a little bit better.



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The rack is nearing completion.  Need to get the mounting ear for the ethernet switch fabricated and installed and then a couple of other smaller connections and then time to button it up. 


The wiring closet wall houses an HDMI splitter to send the signal elsewhere around the basement, a Darbee, and a Lumagen.  I haven't quite figured out if the Darbee is supposed to come before or after the Lumagen.





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I see you have the fancy Sherbourn 2U rack fan underneath the amplifier, but ideally you really want to put it ABOVE the amplifier. If you choose not to do this, you need to have a minimum of 2 rack spaces for ventilation above that Sherbourn amplifier and therefore move UP the preamp, Oppo, Monster Power, etc. Another tip is that you really want to have the heavy items at the bottom of the rack...it will make the rack much more stable when you go to move it. I realize you're probably "over' your theater project, but if you get into re-racking, I would make those changes.

The one last thing I would suggest is to pick up a 10-pack of cable lacing bars (Middle Atlantic LBP-1R). They will help tremendously in running your wiring between components and strain relief. Here are a couple pics of my old rack while I was mid-wiring so you can see the cable lacing bars.

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Nice wiring job!  Where did you end up putting the "excess" cable length?  I had to loop some cables along the vertical posts.


I put the pre-amp and amp together for cosmetic reasons.  But there is no reason I can't flip the fan and amplifier.  I believe I have the requisite cable lengths.  I'm somewhat limited in prettying up the wiring by the "short" speaker wires.  Not enough length to wire them off to the side of the rack and down.  However, if I move the amplifier down .....


The neat thing about the rack fan is the configurable airflow paths.  I have the fan currently set to draw cool air from its bottom and front and force it through its top through the amplifier.  I actually have another fan that I'm thinking of inserting above the components that will draw the warm air from the bottom and shoot it out its back.  Then I have a ventilation return in the AV closet that vents the warm air from the ceiling out of the room.


I like those cable lacing bars.  I have to order a shelf/faceplate for the new DirecTV receiver and will get some of the bars at the same time.


Progress certainly takes a back seat (literally in my case as all this stuff is BEHIND my theater seating) once everything is hooked up and playable!

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Originally Posted by RossoDiamante View Post

Nice wiring job!  Where did you end up putting the "excess" cable length?

Thanks. I start where all the wires come through the wall and organize by group with some temporary cable ties for the remaining run length, so all the cables are totally in line and already secure. This way it is a piece of cake to route them through the rack to the right spots with only minor tweaks. Once attached to the back of the equipment, I work my way backwards, leaving any excess as part of a slightly longer "loop" or slack in the line. There's a way to hide the slight variations within the interior of the wall / ceiling above the rack.

As for the rest, it is all custom wiring. But I know my position is a bit unique since I have all the pricey tools, cutters, crimpers, etc. to do the job. I can't wait to wire my two new racks of equipment!

How are the finishing details coming along?
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So is this thing finished?
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Well, it's fully functional.  Still cosmetic stuff to finish up.  Movies look great on the big screen.  Sound is impressive as well.  Room EQ seems pretty reasonable given just a little bit of attention and parametric equalization. 


Here are the acoustic measurements as of the last set of tweaks:





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Cosmetically, the fabric is going up on the walls.  I think I'm going to be quite short on black GOM fabric.  Anyone have some they want to sell?





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