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Harman Kardon HK3490

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I bought my harman kardon hk3490 about 4-5 years ago never had any problems whatsoever its been a great amp for the money i cant complain. I came home one night after work and was listening to some music at a moderate level and my amp just shut down. I went to check on it turned it on and it said amp protect check amp. Searched it on line and was told to check speaker connections wich i did. I could get the left cannel to produce but not the right it would soon after go into protect mode again. I understand i need to take the amp into be repaired but my question is has anyone ever had this happen to them and about how much $ am i looking at to get it repaired?
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Unfortunately, electronics will fail. Not sure how much it will cost you. I would get in touch with Harman to determine the closest service center and repair rates. If the cost is too high it may make more sense to start looking at new receivers.
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Disconnect all speaker wires from the receiver side, then try turning the receiver on again. Does it still shut down / go into protect?
If so there is likely an internal short and the receiver will require repair
If not, the problem may be with the speaker wire/connections (e.g. Wire strand touching both binding posts) or possibly the speakers themselves.
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I have disconnected all speaker wires as well as all other connections. I checked all speaker wires and actually swaped them around to different locations, i could only get the left channel to produce sound. The amp would stay on for a while with the speakers connected but once all wires were disconnected and i plugged it in on the kitchen table it would go into protect mode within a matter of seconds. This amp is only 5 years old and has satisfied my needs for now ,I was hoping to get a few more years out of it.I am hoping to go with a descent tube amp in the near future but I am on a limited budjet,even more now the day i got laid off is the day my amp took a crap.I did notice a hot smell after this all happened i am running a pair of cerwin vega d-9s and a pair of Infinity QBs. Could this be too much speaker for the amp itself? Please dont make fun of me I am kinda of a novice when it comes to this stuff anymore.I used to be big into stereos back in the 80s but alot has changed since then. The technology has came a long way,I am just now actually figuring out everything the hk is actually capable of,and i really think i want to keep it for a while especially since i find myself getting more of my music from my pc these days.I just dont know if its gonna be worth the money to fix it or buy a new amp.Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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