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So I decided to upgrade from the Logitech Z2300's to some bookshelf speakers based on some help I received on these forums and others and just wanted to know what else I might need to finish this up if anything.

Speakers - Infinity P163BK x2

Subwoofer - JBL Studio 1 Series Sub150P

Amp - Lepai TA2020

I've already purchased the speakers and plan on getting the sub and amp shortly.

My questions are:

1) Would I be better off with a different sub for the price?
2) Would I be better off getting a better amp, if so what should I go with?
3) Should I be purchasing a soundcard to go along with all of this, or is the onboard from the motherboard fine? Or does the amp power all of this? (Im pretty noob to all of this still so help is appreciated).

Price wise, I dont want to spend much more than the pieces that are listed as ive already spent a good amount.

Thanks for the help!