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Wanted: WTB Infinity Beta ES250 x 2

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$1 (USD)
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WTB Infinity Beta ES250 x 2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all, I am looking for an excellent pair of ES250's for my rear surrounds. I have a full set of Beta's and need another pair of ES250's instead of my Beta 20's for the rear.

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not mine, but maybe you can get him to mail them
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Thanks for the tip! He won't ship unfortunately. I have found new ones in Canada. Trying to figure out the shipping/duty.
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i love mine. great speakers and reallly like the biploe / diploe switch on them
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Infinity speakers for sale.  I have 2 silver Infinity ES250 speakers for sale in virtually Like New condition. These have the bipole / dipole connections.  These were hardly ever used because my wife doesn't care for loud music or loud movies.  I used the ES250's as my rear surrounds mounted to my 10' den ceiling with brackets, so these speakers were never touched after mounting.  Part of a surround system made up of a Yamaha 100W AV receiver, a pair of cherry colored Infinity Beta 50's as front sides, and a cherry Beta C360 for center channel.  Unbelievable sound.  I last listened to them watching a Lord of the Rings marathon a year or so ago, but have recently moved and they won't fit in my new home.  I am now forced to downsize to a mini surround system... like Bose or something comparable in size.


I'm actually selling the 2 Beta 50's and the one Beta C360 as well... and a huge black 12" Infinity subwoofer I purchased at the same time as the other speakers... selling all 6 Infinity speakers in the set. The floor speakers and center speaker have very minor scuffing from occasional contact with humans, but unnoticeable unless up close.  The grilles have a couple of the plastic mounting posts broken from the move, but most of the posts are intact and the grilles stay put with no problem.


I am 61 years old... not a young guy... but have been a musician my entire life and enjoy QUALITY audio.  All the speakers work as perfectly as the day I brought them home.  I did my research before buying these speakers.  Many compared the sound with speaker systems costing $20K or more.  They are the best I've ever heard, and I am not happy about parting with them.  They literally will shake a huge 3-story house, enrage your neighbors, and destroy your wife's fine china... I know from experience.  I have never turned the volume on my Yamaha receiver past about 50% to drive these speakers... they don't need much power to deliver huge sound.


I will ship anywhere in North America, but imagine the packing and shipping costs will be pretty expensive.  I will need to build boxes and packing materials for shipping the speakers... no small task.  Accepting reasonable offers.  Thanks.

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Ok, well, I would be interested in just the ES250's. I have all the rest. Let me know.
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PM Sent.
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