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Which speaker recommendations to trump these??

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I have Energy speakers from 1997. 3 RVS for the front , 2 RVSS for the rear (up to 125 watts) along with 2 white "EFX" Energy speakers . I also have 2 10" Energy subs. They all are quite solid and heavy. They're all made in Canada (not China) and had great reviews back then. I'd like to buy the Denon 4311 or 4520 to run it all. My room is not a dedicated theater. But rather a rectangular room (13' wide by 21' long which extends into the open kitchen which is another 15' or so long.

Which speakers would you recommend that would make a huge impact solely for the HT experience...Triad, Klipsche, Revel, JBL? Or perhaps seek out an older pair of Energy Veritas 2.8 which were outstanding back in the day?

Budget wise, I'm at:

Option A: $8k for all speakers and subs if I need even new subs?
Option B: $16k

I just want to upgrade to something that will make a world of a difference.

Thanks in advance!

Rear white surrounds....

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Do you want 5.1 or 7.1?

Assuming option B and 5.1

I recommend:
B&W 805Diamonds (2 pair) 10k (may need to add a bit for stands)
B&W HTM4 Center ~2.5k
JL Audio f113 sub ~3.5k

total list price is 16k but you should be able to get minimum 10off which will make room for the reciever smile.gif

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Yes, 7.1 (2 subs actually). Thanks for your response.

Any other suggestions? And anyone know where to audition?
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Where are you located?

What have you listened to? Which did you like or dislike?

How important is aesthetics?

For $8K - $16K there are limitless possibilities for an awesome 7.2 system; but there are also 1 or 2 different but valid opinions possible from everyone.

For a pure HT experience, you may want to browse the thread discussing high sensitivity speakers.
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I'm in the Los Angeles area. I haven't listened to anything actually as I'm just getting back into this. As for aesthetics, glossy black would be nice.
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Depending on your time frame to purchase keep an eye out on the LA gtg thread. Nice to listen to some speakers/systems before purchasing.
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Since you like Canadian made (yea us), you might want to call Nathan at Funk Audio and see what he could configure as a full 7.2 system.
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Originally Posted by babka View Post

And anyone know where to audition?

http://www.bwspeakers.com/ (click on the dealer locator)
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Indeed. I would love to hear at least front channels side by side.
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