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Subwoofer Kit

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I have been looking for options for some speakers and a sub to go with my computer. I believe the best route at the moment will be some powered speakers such as the swan d1080 iv or studio monitors with a subwoofer that has rca in and out to utilize the crossover of the sub. However, rca out does not seem to be very common. Additionally, it seems that all do not utilize the crossover which would defeat the purpose of the rca out for me. I have only seen a couple of options that use this such as the SVS PB-1000. However, even this one says "Stereo line-level RCA Input & 80Hz High Pass Filtered Output connections." So the variable crossover is not being utilized. But even an 80hz fixed crossover is better than nothing. The monoprice 12" also seems to have the rca out, but theres do not even seem to utilize a crossover and they say the rca outs are good to daisy chain multiple subs so it would seem they are transferring the low end as well via the rca out. The wharfedale sw150 has rca out, but I could not find any info on it.

Given the limited options, I decided to look at a diy sub kit such as the Dayton Audio T1003K 10" Titanic Mk III Subwoofer Kit. Most of the kits appear to have the line level in and out connections which is perfect. But looking at some of the separate amps, for example the spa250, it says "Line-level full bandwidth (10 Hz- 20 kHz) outputs/throughputs for adding or "daisy chaining" additional amplifiers." So this suggests it is operates the same as the cheap monprice sub.

So I guess my question is, are there any kits you can recommend that have an rca out connection with a variable or fixed crossover because options seem to be very limited. I have never built a sub or a speaker, so a kit seems to be the best bet as opposed to mixing and matching individual components unless you can suggest all the required components. The dayton audio video made it seem as easy as gluing some padding to the interior of the cabinet and then screwing in the amp and woofer. Is this really all that is involved? Are these kits worth the cost over a preassembled one from say hsu or svs? Quality wise, are you getting more for your money? Is the dayton one you would recommend or are there other options to consider? Any guides that walk you through the process step by step would be awesome. I don't actually have the equipment to assemble the cabinet myself, so a preassembled cabinet is a must.

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Why not just let the main speakers be driven full range like most of the 2 channel guys do biggrin.gif Unless, your playing at really loud levels the swans should be able to handle it without any filters as it was designed as stand alone unit.

Alternatively, Look for passive line level filters

BTW.. my Rythmik sub has line in and line out, the line out has a filter at 80hz
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Well I am just worried about cancellations or any problems from reproduction. Thanks for the info on the rythmik. Seems comparable to the SVS one I mentioned, but it is still quite expensive. I was really hoping for something in the $300 range, but options are limited as it is.

What are these passive line level filters you are referring to? Are these them:


Or can you link me specifically to what you were referring? I guess I was just hoping for something built in to limit additional components, but these seem fairly cheap and small. However, are they any good? And how would you incorporate them into the setup?

The next question is will the sub utilize its variable crossover to limit its own frequency response? Or is that only with the speaker level inputs? I ask because the PFMOD 2W-1 has a low and high pass built in (as opposed to just one), so I could run from the pc to the 2W-1 rca in, then rca low pass out to sub and rca high pass out to speakers. But if the sub will already low pass its rca input without the 2W-1, there is no reason to get the dual unit and simply get a high pass filter between the sub rca out to the speakers rca in.

Thanks for the help!
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