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Cables run, now what

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I have a Motorola cable modem(SB6-121) connected to a Netgear gigabit router( wnr-4500).

To the router, I have 1) an Hp printer(8600 plus) connected by usb and wireless(usb not working). 2) Toshiba Laptop(X505, core i7) cat 5e. 3) netgear switch(GS605-AV) cat 5e. 4) desk top (core i5) cat 5e. 5) Directv rec. cat 5e

To the switch, I have 1) Sony Blu ray(S590,wireless) cat 5e low priority. 2) Directv rec. cat 5e med. priority. 3) Onkyo rec.(HT RC-460) cat 5e med.priority. 4) open Hi priority port.

What do I need to do to be able to communicate with everything, or at least most. I am a newbee and need some form of step by step guidence.

Thanks for any and all your help

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Not clear what your problem is. If you have these devices hooked up, are they being supplied with internet and so online? If so, what's the problem? If not, which are working ok, and which are not?
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everything is internet connected ( all cat 5e). What can I do? What programing do I have to do? Do I have to form a home group in windows? Can I do this thu the router? Can I connect both my Directv rec. to watch something from the other rec.?

I guess I don't know what I can do and what are the limitations?

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Two stages need to be taken care of, 1st, get things connected to the internet, 2nd, log into account for internet services.

Anything wired should be all set and connected to the internet as is, as your router will take care of that addressing, so should work immediately. Anything wireless, needs to be programmed with WiFi passwords set (you did set WiFi password in the router I hope?) in order to connect wirelessly.

Once everyhting is connected to the internet, you need to setup any internet services you want (hulu, netfix, etc.). You'll need your usernames and passwords for each account. Some devices just need to have those entered manually, others (typically "Smart" devices) will want you to go setup the account from your PC by entering a code the device will display (like on the TV) from whichever connected box you are setting up.

It's not complicated, just time consuming, and occasionally frustrating. Take your time, consider each step, and proceed. Good luck.
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As far as what you can do with your DTV boxes, someone else will have to chime in as I am satellite and comcast TV free. Sorry.
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