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We run a large farm show in Oshkosh WI and currently have a Sanyo PLC XP41 projector. We shoot on a 10' by 15' or so screen. The bulb took a crap on us and we are contemplating getting a new projector instead of replacing the bulb. Ambient light is a major issue because it is in an airplane hanger that we can't shut the lights off. We are able to remove the light directly above the screen but that is it. Here is a picture so that you get the idea on what we have. The projector gets used for maybe 60hrs a year. http://us.sanyo.com/Projectors-Products-by-Category-Discontinued-Models/PLC-XP41-L

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no Brainer here,,, stick with the sanyo and get an OEM lamp. You will be hard pressed to get anything even close to as bright for under 1500.00 and the quality of the build won't be as good. As long as the panels in the projector are still OK. Especially if you are going to be using it for 60 hours a year. Also I would unplug it if it will be sitting idle for long periods of time to put less strain on the Power supply. Also, MAKE SURE the power management option is checked so it goes into standby when it doesn't see a signal. sometimes people leave them on for long periods of time with no moving images and it gives the panels a full UV blast and they cook. One thing that will KILL the lamps is people unplugging them to shut them off because they can't find the remote or reach the buttons!

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Ok We do kill the power to it when it is not being used but it is always used on full power. Its a nice projector I just knew that it was getting older and I did not know if anything that came out lately would surpass it without breaking the bank.

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Make sure you clean the filter(s) every 20 or so hours of use. If they clog up there will be a reduced airflow and that will KILL the lamp quickly. Look at the lamp head on when you have it out and see if the arc chamber has dimpled. If the lamp exploded there is a good chance that it was not getting the proper cooling or someone unplugged it to shut it down and the arc chamber either fractured or it dimpled and blew at the next power up

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That is exactly what happened. The bulb is completely blow up. Where do you guys go to buy your oem bulbs? I understand that Sanyo was bought out by panasonic.
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call and ask if they have philips brand lamps. If they don't report back here and let us know so you can get an opinion

good Luck

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Ok Thanks for all of your help!
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Interlight had a Philips bulbs do we are good to go! Thanks again for your help.
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