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Wildcat Theater/Room Build

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Well, construction has begun on my new HT/game room area. What a wonderful (and time killing!) resouce the forums and book have been. Starting to lay out the actual lighting locations in the theater. The ceiling will be sheetrock, and there will be a soffit that runs around 3 sides of the theater area (not screen side). There is a platform on the back wall that extends out 8 ft at the sides and has an arced front that goes in to 7 ft at the center.

Any suggestions on lighting for the area?

I was thinking of 3 small directional cans on the screen wall than either 6 or 8 4" cans in the ceiling. was thinking of some wall sconces on the back wall as well. But am certainly open to suggestions
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In the theater room I wouldn't want all those cans on the same switch, and to be honest of that room is walled off from the rest of the area the switch should be in the room itself. I'd want to be able to have the cans above the couch on but have the ones near the screen off so people could read/talk while the screen was dark enough for viewing.
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Thanks for the reply, just modified the plan,I added a set of three wall washers on the screen wall on it's own switch. The 4 front cans will be on their own switch and the rear 4 will be on a seperate switch.

Framing is up, stage is done, i'll post some pictures this week.
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Framing is done, stage is constructed. Electrical work this week
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I assume that's the riser for seats but it looks great. Hope the electrical goes well...
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Yup the riser, my wife keeps refering to it as the stage. I told her I was instaling a pole this week. "Next up on stage Candy"!! Electrical all roughed in I'll post some pics of the rest of the room tonight
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Electrical up, cabling and wiring next week, then electrical inspection.

Here's a couple of additional shots, First is the rack location under the stairs. Will have full access from the back.

Second is the bar area. Niche has been built into the framing for shelves. Planning on a candy cane shapped bar

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All Speaker / Cat 6 / Video cable has been installed.

Equipment Selection

Projector: Epson 5020 or 6020
Screen: Seymour 115" with Jamestown Frame
Receiver: Marantz 5007
BluRay: TBD
Rack: Strong 21U
Front Speakers: Niles HDLCR
Surrounds: Niles HD8
Sub: Episode Triple 8"

Bar Speakers: Niles CM7MP (4)
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Insulation is now complete, I'll post some pics this weekend. Ordered the SONY BDP-S790 for my BluRay player. Was thinking of the new Panny, but went with the Sony for the better interface with the other apple products in my home.

Drywall crew starts on Monday.
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Dry Wall is up. Here's the riser area.

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Screen wall. Very Exciting!!
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Electrical Panel Closet. This is right next to the screen wall, this was the main driver that led me to put in in-wall speakers and an AT screen. If I ended up putting the whole thing behind the wall it made the first row seem to close to the screen. Always comprimises to make along the way.
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Bar area, Bar will be shaped like a short candy cane. Top and foot rail will have a black laquer finish. Front will have a Curly Maple Veneer
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Looks fantastic. I stream music and videos to my Sony BluRay using serviio on a PC and it works well. It should work well for you. If you play a folder of music it does not allow "random" which infuriates me, but otherwise it works as well as the WDTV I have hooked up to our other TV. If I push music/content from a PC (rather than pull it using the sony menus on the tv) then I can get a random playlist that works well.
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Amazing how time flys. A quick update, I'll take some pics tonight. Room now taped mudded and sanded ready to be painted. Doors and moulding are going in this week. A couple of design pics.

1) Bookcase and AV Cabinet. This is going in the locatin of post #7. Wood will be a curly maple, black is a black laquer type finish. Door will be a reeded glass to match the other doors in the space.

2) Bar Area. Wood matches the bookcase. Location is post #13

3) Selections for Carpet (one on top), wood (vinyl plank) flooring for under bar (stuff is unbelievable hard to tell it's not wood). samples of wood for the bar and bookcase and paint scheme for the room.
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I am using recessed lighting as well. Keep in mind this is not the optimal lighting configuration from an acoustical perspective as the cans create sound leaks in the ceiling. Even with insulation, you will still have this issue. Other options include ambient, surface mount and track lighting. In my case, I am willing to sacrifice the sound a bit simply because I like can lighting. I am working with 8' ceilings and need to conserve as much ceiling height as possible.

Things to consider! ;0

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If you were building a dedicated media room and wanted sound isolation you can still do it with the recessed lights, if you look over in the dedicated theater forum you see people building isolation boxes for the recessed lighting to eliminate the leaking. You can also buy sealed housings as well.

Yes these changes help in sound isolation in a closed room, but you aren't going to notice any acoustical difference in how it sounds in your room.
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