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Sony hdr cx220 ? Thoughts.

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Looking for a camcorder for family vacations, home use. Wonder if the cx220 that being released is a good fit. Works in my low price range.
Thoughts? Better choice?

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I know this is end-of-the-model year 2013. But since I waited til Black Friday to get one. I posted a "SONY HDR CX220 Barrel Distortion Examples Wide Angle (Full Cam Specs in Description) " which has a video link and some info thread.

For my use, as mentioned in the other thread, which is to primarily share collectibles on youtube in a controlled, quiet environment, I'm returning it. It exhibits a constant chirping noise caused by the auto focus. It's the way the cam is made. and the barrel distortion won't work well for collectibles close-ups.

Ironically I'm using it to video the Canon HF R400 functionality and LCD GUI I'm keeping that people want to know about. It has it's problems too. But for my use it should be OK. If I use it for other subjects like outdoor zooming I wonder. It exhibits chromatic aberration (purple, white, or green fringing around defined objects when zoomed)

As for the Sony:

1. Carl Zeiss lens.
2. Excellent smooth 27x (is all you need) zoom. Very nice, responsive zoom lever (the Canon's is too recessed but it does have an onscreen option)
3. Crisp, sharp, detailed picture (to the point of maybe being a bit too sharp around the edges if you know what I mean).
4. No chromatic aberration
5. Nice form factor. Very compact
6. Very comfortable strap.
7. USB cable in strap.
8. Solid joystick (no touch screen)
9. MP4's and JPGS show up as a thumb drive on the Mac Desktop so you drag and drop. Note you can even use the card in other cams. So for example it'll make the Sony folder nomenclature and Samsung if you use one that acts the same way. The Canon I hadn't tried. I have to use software to access the files.
10. Shoots MP4 or AVCHD
11. Works with Mac OS X 10.5+

1. The auto focus chirping noise is far too noticeable in a quiet recording environment which I'll be doing a lot of theses days. A regular environment not detectable to the ear in the cam or the vid.
2. Too much of a wide angle lens for most situations. It's funny but not practical.
3. As much as the joystick/pad is solid to use. The GUI is difficult. Like playing a video game you're not used to.
4. Bright sounding mic but it's debatable. I like warm audio. That's why I have Definitive Technology HT speakers for example.
5. No supplied AC adapter! You can buy one. It's their way of keeping the price point down. It has a long USB extension cord to power form the computer (which has to be on of course).

Thats all I can think of without using it extensively.
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