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Hook up Samsung Soundbar to Sharp TV

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My Sharp TV has HDMI, a Digital Audio Output, and headphone terminal. I am trying to hook it up to my Samsung soundbar that has HDMI in, Digital Optical In, and Aux in. How can I hook the television up to the soundbar so that every component runs through the soundbar?

Right now I have to switch the TV and PS3 HDMI cords in order to have then run through the soundbar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You didn't provide enough information to give you specific help. What source devices do you have besides a PS3? How do you watch TV? Antenna, cable/sat box? Does your TV support ARC?

A basic setup would be connecting the PS3 via HDMI to the soundbar, then connect another HDMI from soundbar to TV. If your TV supports ARC, connect to that HDMI. If you don't have ARC, connect a toslink cable from TV to soundbar.

You will find lots of connection information in the master thread for the HW-E450.
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I have my PS3 connected via HDMI, my DirecTV HD receiver connected via HDMI and my Nintendo Wii connected via AV cables.

I have attached pictures so you can see the inputs and outputs of the TV and soundbar.

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Your TV supports ARC on HDMI4 so the setup I already mentioned should work. Follow the instructions in your TV owners manual for enabling HDMI-CTL (CEC) and use the Anynet+ button on the soundbar remote to enable it there.
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I have a sharp Aquos, DVR, DVD/VCR and the samsung soundbar. When I watch TV the soundbar plays in HDMI; however, if I switch to the VCR/ DVD player it switches to TV Arc and loses picture and sound randomly. How do I correct this issue?

Also, when I start netflix on my TV it switches to TV arc as well and when I switch back to TV I have to manually switch it back to HDMI.

Currently, I have an optical cable going from the soundbar to the DVR and HDMI cable from the TV to the sound bar and from the soundbar to the DVR player and monster cables from the TV to DVD/VCR player.

So the questions is when I use an HDMI cable do I also use the optical as I have it plugged currently. It appeared on the sound bar instructions you use both...am I correct in that?

How can I can I fix the losing picture and sound randomly when playing a movie?

Also, how can I have the soundbar switch automatically when changing from TV or to a movie/ netflix?

thanks for the assist!!
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Let's review how things are connected as I'm having a bit of trouble following along. eek.gif

Is "DVR" a cable/sat receiver? When you say watch "TV" are your referring to the DVR? Is the DVR connected via HDMI directly to the soundbar? If so, why would you have an optical cable between the DVR and soundbar?

I take it the DVD/VCR is connected to the TV. What connections are you using there? I also assume your Sharp supports ARC since you say the soundbar switches to TV.ARC

Based on the info you did provide, I think your connections are okay except there's no need for an optical cable. Cable/sat DVR connected to HDMI input on the soundbar with another HDMI between soundbar output and TV's HDMI(ARC) port. You will NOT be able to get the soundbar to switch automatically from TV (Netflix or DVD player) usage to the DVR (cable/sat). The DVR doesn't support CEC so the soundbar doesn't automatically recognize it.

I don't know why you're having dropout problems. Check all your connections thoroughly.
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DVR is the cable/sat receiver. Watching tv applies to watching tv through the DVR box whether live or taped. Yes, the HDMI is connected from the sound bar to the DVR and yes the optical cable is as well. So assume based on your response I'm using two different cables to perform the same function and don't need the optical???...right? I've never used the optical before but the directions to the sound bar sounded like you would use both. If you look at the posting 2 postings prior that has a copy of the same directions I received when I purchased the sound bar.

the DVD/VCR is connected directly to the TV via monster cables; red, white and yellow.

Yes my tv supports ARC

What is CEC?

I assume that is the problem with it not auto swapping, but that's not too big a deal, but the video / sound dropout is. Maybe when I disconnect the optical this could correct the issue. The first thing I did when it started dropping I checked all my connections to ensure they were tight and secure.
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I can see where the instructions look a bit confusing. You do not need an optical cable, either from the TV or the DVR to the soundbar. The DVR audio is going directly to the soundbar. Audio from the TV set and whatever is connected to it, passes over the ARC connection to the soundbar.

CEC is consumer electronics control. Samsung calls theirs Anynet+. I forget what Sharp uses. It allows various components to communicate status and such over HDMI. Cable and sat boxes do not support CEC, so neither the TV nor the soundbar can automatically recognize the STB, hence the manual switching.

I really don't know where the dropout problem is occurring. The optical cable won't have anything to do with that. If you have any other composite cables laying around you could try them (even cheap ones). Does the Sharp have more than one set of composite inputs? Does the DVD/VCR have any other type of output? For audio, you could take the red/white and connect directly to the soundbar, but that of course won't do anything for the video.

One last thought....since the video is dropping and that is connected directly to the TV, the soundbar isn't involved at all. My suspicions point to either the composite output of the DVD player, or (less likely) the composite input on the TV.
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