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OTA Advice for East Side Cleveland

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Hello Everyone. I have seen tons of great advice and have spent a day reading alot of the other posts but as always I would love to have some personal advice. I want to cut my dependency on Time Warner Cable for Television service and am starting with a clean slate. I would like to use the mounting bracket on my garage that a previous Direct TV Dish was mounted on to install a small Mast and Multi-Directional Antenna. I only have 2 Televisions in the house but it is a bigger house with a long run from this mounting location to the area where the single Coax Cable Feed is split inside the basement. I would like to use existing wiring inside house if possible and the house is situated in a north to South direction with the garage on the north side of the house and the second floor of the brick colonial blocking maybe 10-15 degress of the south. I also have large trees around me and a bit of a hill to the west that elevates about 20-30 feet above the top most point of my house.

Hope that description makes sense.

Any recommendations or ideas for how I should approach or take on this project?

Here is my TV Fool Link


Thank you so much for your time and any guidance.

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Assuming you're only interested in the Cleveland/Akron stations listed in the green area of your TVFool report (except for WLFP-6, which is low-band VHF), all of those stations are within 24 miles, so you'd want a not-too-high gain UHF (real channels 14-51) plus VHF-high (real channels 7-13) combination antenna with wide beamwidth, aimed somewhere around maybe 245-ish degrees true (you'd want to test the aim), to be able to receive the stations from 271-276 degrees true at the same time as those from 211 degrees true, without needing a rotator. One candidate antenna would be a Winegard HD7694P. Another possibility might be the RCA ANT751 (which has the advantage of end-mounting if you're using a former satellie dish mount), and the Antennacraft HBU22 would also be a consideration. You could first try a simple 2-way splitter to feed your two tv's, and if your long coax run causes too much signal loss, you'd use a distribution amp at a convenient location, of the kind that others with more experience in those can recommend.

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