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Vizio E420i-A0 picture settings?

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Just got this TV last week at Target. So far I like it, but I have not found any owners threads or calibrations for the picture. I'm having some difficulty trying to figure out what the best settings are. Anyone else have this model and care to share your settings?

Is this model similiar to any other models?
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I will share my settings tomorrow, the e500i-a1 is the big brother to your tv. I have since tweaked my settings since last posting in the e500i-a1 thread and are better. It takes a little time to get it right. I think you will be pleased when I post them tomorrow.
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Thanks. I am interested in whether or not the color temp should be on "custom", and if the red/grn/blu gain and offset can be adjusted to get a better picture, or just leave them default.

Also I did see your other post, and I did set it to your settings, with the exception of "Smart dimming" and Noise red and MPEG NR. I had turned it off:

Picture Mode "custom"
Backlight "65"
Brightness "42"
Contrast "50"
Color "50"
Tint "0"
Sharpness "6"

Color temp "Cool" default set

Advanced Picture
Noise Red "low"
MPEG NR "low"
Color Enhancement "Rich Color"
Adaptive Luma "medium"
Film Mode "off"
Smart Dimming "on"
Ambient Light Sensor "off

The picture looks ok, but I think it can look better.
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Picture Mode-Custom
Tint-1 (+1)

Color Temperature-Cool

Advanced Picture-

Noise Red-Low
Color Enhancement-Rich Color
Adaptive Luma-Medium
Film Mode-Auto
Smart Dimming-On
Ambient Light Sensor-Off

Note: You must turn off Ambient Light Sensor before "backlight" can be turned down

Please let me know how you like these settings...I don't think I can get it any better on the 50" e500i-a1. Also your tv and mine is NOT edge lit, it is a direct lit-full array. It uses less LED's than a true full array if that makes sense. Good luck with your new tv and I think you made a good choice be it the 42" or 50". Also the remote for the 60" and 70" with qwerty will work with our tv's...they are on ebay. XRT302 is the remote you would need. Cheers.
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OK I'll try when I get home.
I actually purchased a Sony BD-S590 player that also does streaming, and I use the BD player more for apps like Netflix since it supports 1080P and 5.1 for Netflix, whereas the Vizio only supports 720P and stereo.
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I tried your settings. I had to turn the sharpness up to 12. The detail is not quite sharp at 6. Also I turned off smart dimming. I just think it looks better to my eye when its brighter.
Other than that, it looks ok. I'll see tonight while watching tv.
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I read a couple "pro" reviews that talked abt jitter when there is chaotic camera work. Has anybody experienced this and should it stop me from buying the TV?

I am also considering a LG 42LN5300, opinions?
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