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Insignia NS-42E480A13 Calibration settings

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Hi just curious if anyone has any display settings there willing to share for this tv?
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I was actually looking at this unit...
I picked up this http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Westinghouse+-+40%26%2334%3B+Class+(40%26%2334%3B+Diag.)+-+LED+-+1080p+-+120Hz+-+HDTV/5290913.p?id=1218703261042&skuId=5290913 TV today to replace 4 year old Dynex 40" that started to get some burn in marks in the upper right hand side.

Was kind of restrained on time and grabbed the Westinghouse one. Got it home and I'm very disappointed in it . I can't get it to calibrate correctly, either too dark, or too washed out no good inbetween. Also seems the audio out has some issues. At first was getting static from anything I used my receiver to output from. I've got the static to go away but I have to have the volume almost maxed to get it to any level that you can hear decently. When my old TV I had the volume at like 12 for decent sound level's.

I'm returning the Westinghouse tommorow and I need to figure out something else to get. in the 40-42" range as I'm using an old TV stand and am limited on the size. (luckily LCD and LED's are thinner then what they had been 4 years ago.)
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@ Twiggle I also bought that Westinghouse and returned it for the same reason,it cannot be calibrated, Input lag was terrible and blurring. The only thing this TV excels in is uniformity, perfect uniformity I should say. Having said that, the contrast ratio is atrocious and u cant get anything to look semi-decent. Insignia shoud be a tad better.
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I picked up the NS-42E480A13 tonight. So far out of the box it better then the westinghouse. Will work on the settings tomorrow to get it even better. Definantly glad I paid the extra $20 to switch so far.

So far only downfall I'm going to have to get rid of my 16 year old TV Stand to fit it better. It fits but is tight and the stand has e edges that come out on each side so depending on where you sit a tiny bit of the screen is hidden.
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For the Insignia NS-42E480A13 120Hz 1080p 42" TV I've found the following calibration settings to be the best I've found:


Picture Mode: Custom

Brightness: 44

Contrast: 55

Color: 62

Tint: 1

Sharpness: 14


Advanced Video

Backlight: 87

Insignia 120 Hz: ON

Color Tempeture: Cool

Overscan: ON

Adaptive Contrast: OFF

Dynamic Backlight: OFF

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