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Advice Request: Projector

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Hey I am looking to get my first projector and would like some advice on what i should be looking for.

Some details:
Price: $1200 - $1600
Throw: 10-13 feet
Screen size: Been looking at screens, 130 inch seems about right, I have a large wall to work with.
Other: I don't care about 3d, I am not against 3d just not something I care about.
I don't really know what else, I don't have too many concerns, I just want the best picture for my buck.
I need to be able to have the projector off center from the screen, not sure if this is an issue, or possible, if not I can make it work centered.
Also I really like Frame Interpolation, I would be willing to spend more for a projector that does this.
I do plan to game on it, but not the main use, but something to consider.

I've been looking and doing some research and the few projectors I've noticed that seem about right are:
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350
BenQ W1070

The Epson is two years old now and it seems to me there should be better upgrades for it by now? Or are there but just at a higher price point? The BenQ has 3d which I don't really care about and I am worried if I bought that I would just be spending extra for a feature I don't care about.

Screen tips would be appreciated also, been looking at the Elite screens on amazon:


I have no idea what the difference is between the different versions are but I do want to go with the largest I can for about $300-$450.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
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The 8350 will have some better blacks for darker scenes, and allow you to place it off center. Problem is some people have had to go through the exchange process a couple of times to get one w/o any issues. The Benq has alot of bang for the buck, and hard to beat for the price with very little placement flexibility. Did you read through this breakdown? http://www.avsforum.com/t/1391476/coderguys-top-projector-picks

Both should work on that size screen, but the Epson will need to be placed at it's closest point to keep the brightness up, at around 12' 11", and using a 1.3 gain screen. You'll be able to place the Benq a little further back and still maintain good brightness. Do you have light control, something to consider. Alot of people have been happy with the Elite screens, but check the screen forums for input.
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Yeah I've been reading a lot of reviews and I honestly feel I might drop the extra money for the Epson Home Cinema 5020. Although I don't care for the 3d, the split screen option sounds awesome, along with the frame interpolation. Just not quite sure I want to drop that much extra money...
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Then you might look at last years model 5010, you won't loose alot vs the 5020 and its less expensive now. $2000 http://www.projectorreviews.com/epson/home-cinema-5010/summary.php
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Ok I think I have a better understanding of what exactly I am looking for, I will update the first post with this also.

From most important to least important:
Frame Interpolation
Picture quality (crispness, deep blacks)
Good for gaming
Slight ambient lights (mostly light from a computer monitor)
Split screen

The Epson 5020 seems to cover everything but seems to be lacking the ability to game on it alright. If there was an option with everything but 3d and split screen that would be perfect.
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Looking into the BenQ W7000 now, has the frame interpolation, 3d, split screen and interpolation with 3d.
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