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Attic vs Indoor Signal Strength

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I purchased a ClearStream 2V to use at home, and would like to mount it in the attic. I've read that mounting in the attic will cut the signal strength by 40-50%, but I'm assuming that's compared to mounting on the roof. I've already tested the antenna by simply holding it about 5 feet off the ground in my living room and I get all the channels I was hoping to just fine. I'm wondering if I should expect to get better reception with it in the attic or worse. When in the living room the antenna was pointed at a large window along the back wall of my house (in the direction of the tv towers) that was covered with blackout curtains. In the attic it will be pointed in the same direction but will be about 12 feet off the ground and will have to go through my plywood/shingle roof. It's not going to be particularly easy to mount this in the attic so I'd like to have an idea what I'm in for before taking the time to do it. In case it matters my house is 10-15 miles from all my local stations and I live in a relatively flat town.
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I don't think you'll have any problems, just as long as you don't have a metal roof. smile.gif
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I agree. Height is just as important as putting it indoors or outdoors. So if you get channels in your living room, chances are good you will get them with the antenna in the attic.

Also for mounting it, you might try hanging a pole from the rafters with a couple of clamps, and mounting the antenna on the pole.

Or if your antenna came with a wall mount, just mount it on the rafter.
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You'll never know until you try it.....and Location, Location, Location.....

My earlier posts re expected Indoor, incl. Attic Loss (a LOT MORE than 40-50%, i.e. 3 dB):
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