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Old JVC system, new receiver?

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Hello all, I am new to this forum and hope I can tell you guys everything you need to know to help me make an informed decision. Of course I have read and read and read, and started to pull the trigger on the Pioneer 1122-K, then I moved to the Onkyo 717, then I got to thinking, HMMMM, these old speakers might not be worth a darn attached to a new 2012 receiver. So I took a step back and started doing somemore research, which led me to here. So with that background information, I need some guidance. Years ago (maybe 7), I bought a HTIB JVC set up. I am not sure of the make and model, but can look at the speakers tonight to get all the specs. Presently I have nothing running in my house in terms of surround. All the wiring is done, but, none of it is hooked up. I am now looking to set up my home audio. I have speakers run for the outside (zone 2) that I want to be able to work through the receiver also. So which direction do I head?

Use the old JVC speakers????? (I know you guys probably need the specs to make a decent recommendation)

Purchase a HTIB?

Use the speakers till I can get a new set and purchase a receiver and blu ray as a stand alone now.

I had settled on the BMP-BDT220 by Panasonic for the blue ray, and either the Onkyo 717 ($550) or the Pioneer 1122-K ($359) for the receiver. I was going with the Onkyo, but really didnt want to spend $550 on the receiver if I didnt have to.

I know I am all over the place. I guess most hinges on whether those speakers are worth anything or not.

Thanks for any help.

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No way of knowing about the speakers without more information. As they were part of an HTIB, there's a good chance they shouldn't be used with a regular receiver. Buying an HTIB now is probably not the way to go since you need a second zone.
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I checked my old speakers last night. Here is what I have:

sp-xca-350 - Center Speaker
sp-xsa-350 - F/R Speaker
8 ohm
110 W

sp-pwa-350 - Sub
100 W

rx-6018v Receiver

So, what exactly do I have here? Can I use these speakers.? That is all the information I could find on the unit. I have googled them to death and cant find any more specs for the speakers.
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It looks like you can use them. The speakers are 8 ohms and the sub is powered. The problem with many HTIBs is 4 ohm speakers and a passive sub, which don't work well with standalone receivers.
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Great news!!!! So I guess I will go pick up the pioneer 1122-k and roll with it. I still need to Do a lot of research to make sure I have everything I need, but that is great. All of the speaker connections are spring clips (is that what they are called?) I know my components will all run run to the receiver and ill use the 1 hdmi out to run everything to the TV. Anything you can think if I need to know to get started? Buy a new remote instead of the one that will come with the the receiver? I guess I need to look at how the speakers connect to the back of the receiver and make sure I have all the appropriate connections for that. I'm getting excited : ) I've been researching these receivers forever and had decided against the 1122-K, due to the reviews, but I think a lot of the negative reviews were just people expecting plug and play from a hi-tech receiver a d they didn't have the patience to learn how to use it. At least that is what I am telling myself to keep from spending the $550 on the onkyo : )
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