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Hey all,

Been eyeing this for awhile, finally pulled the trigger a couple weeks back. I know this is targeted for kids, and my daughter (2 1/2) is too young to play, but I gotta say I love this game. I bought it to have a game where my daughter can participate... well, she's too young to actually play, but she gets a great deal of satisfaction from choosing the characters (sometimes a new one every 10 seconds). She even carries one of the figures (Cynder) around everywhere she goes, and knows most of the 7 figures by name.

Even without my daughter helping, I find it a great deal of fun. The main gameplay isn't overly challenging - though I kind of want to go back and try the hardest difficulty - but some of the minigames are pretty tough, especially with certain characters. This plays well into my "must beat everything" approach to video games.

Does anyone else have this game?