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LG LM6200 blurry 3D scene

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I was watching a 3D demo on an LG 47LM6200 in the store and I was confused as to how blurred it was. If I stood within say 4 feet of the TV the screen was blurred. When I stood further away the 3D image was good except objects that were visually very close to me. These were all blurred. When watching 3D, are all objects in the scene supposed to be in focus or only those in focus? I'm struggling to pose this question but I'm trying to work out if the 3D technology in this TV is acceptable to me or not.

Do you have to be a minimum distance from the TV and does your line of sight to a passive 3D set have to be dead centre?

Are there major differences between passive and active in terms of viewing angle, distance and visual quality? I also tried an active 3D Sony and it became blurred as soon as I rotated my head. The LG stayed focused for longer and I had to rotate my head more for the picture to degrade.

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This is a hard one to call without seeing what content you were seeing...

Was it a best buy display?

A lot of times stores will use super low res ultra compressed video for their demo models (why I have no idea... car salesmen don't put watered down gas in their test drive cars) so that could explain some of the problem but the fact objects close to you blurred is odd.

When you say blur do you mean traditional 2D blur (like vaseline on the screen or super low res youtube blurry) or do you mean ghosting/crosstalk as in the image looks sharp enough but you see two of the object next to each other rather than one object?

If it's the latter that may just be your eyes not being used to working with 3D displays and so not resolving the two images into one (or you may be unfortunate and have eye sthat just never will be able to for whatever reason) or your glasses may not have been working well at seperating the image for you. This happens with active glasses that don't sync well for whatever eason or passive glasses if you are too far above or below the center line of the set.

Note that it took me quite a while to get used to 3D viewing... the first two or three movies I watched gave me eyemuscle strain and headaches but then as my eyes got used to it, it's not a problem at all anymore. Think of it like any other kind of working out... you have muscles that are doing something new, it may take time before it all fits together well.
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It was a Futureshop display so probably the same demo as BestBuy. I think I mean it was out of focus - I don't remember specifically seeing two of the object next to each other. But I'll try the demo again and see if I can get a better description. This particular store has a really crappy layout with minimal 3D demos and those demos are rather lacklustre for whatever reason.

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I watched a bit of The Avengers in 3D on the LM6400 and it was much better. So maybe it was a combination of the LG demo and the fact I was too close?
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I've been having the same issue with my LG passive 3D TV... tried different content (demos on youtube, 3D blu-rays), and anything that looks like it's supposed to be "coming out" of the TV is just blurry, but "depth" is fine. If you get a good answer, let me know!
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