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New Hulk movie rumors

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According to this Wired article, there are some pretty good rumors right now that they are going to adapt the Planet Hulk comic storyline for the next Hulk movie. They'll supposedly be launching the Hulk into space at the end of Avengers 2, where he will return sometime after.

If true this actually sounds pretty good. Thoughts?
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All I can say is I like the set-up...cool.gif
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Wouldnt work that good on the big screen. Hulk isnt Shakespear, Bruce Banner is.
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The Planet Hulk angle would lead to his essentially being a villain - and a green CGI one for the duration. Then again, why not have Avengers 3 be a battle against the Hulk & a space army? Yeah...then again...probably not gonna happen (the plot the article mentioned, not a Ruffalo as Hulk flick - that would seem to be a given post-AVENGERS)

Of course, they could use the Planet Hulk story as a loose inspiration to get Banner in space, esp if Marvel wanted to perhaps cross pollenate the AVENGERS & GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films. Bryan Singer looks to be doing kind of the same thing with XMEN - loosely (I assume) adapting the Days of Future Past story arc - for the follow up to XMEN FIRST CLASS. At this point it sounds like he's got just about everyone from both his/Ratner's original cast & Matthew Vaughn's (save for Halle Berry) on board.
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Would they include Beta Ray Bill? Can't see many people understanding BRB with no background.
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Its the Silver Surfer who plays the role in the comic series, but since the producers of the blu ray animated film didn't have the rights to him, he was replaced with Beta Ray Bill.

If they're still gonna go with BRB for the live action movie, don't they first have to introduce him in the Thor franchise? Show him beating Thor and lifting the hammer to gain his powers?

Speaking of the blu ray, BRB kicks the crap out of Hulk and his inmate buddies biggrin.gif. Before Hulk beat him down.

"You I have no qualms about KILLING." biggrin.gif
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