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So today I was able to make my way to BestBuy to get the Epson 8350. So far after one Blu ray disk, I am very happy.
Its currently sitting on a nightstand as a VERY temp setup. I plan to order a shelf and do a shelf mount setup with a screen.
The projector is current setup on the stand and projecting on the wall.
Here are the pics.....




1) it currently fills up that wall with the zoom knob all the way turned. Do you think that is a 100" screen?

2) I plan to order a 100" motorized screen. Is it easy to setup the trigger switch?

3) Do I need to calibrate the unit or buy "WOW disc"?

4) how far up the wall should the unit be while looking are the screen when I shelf mount it? Level, above, etc?

Any other tips or things I'm missing. I'm guessing the current throw is 12 ft?!
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