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Help Acer H5360BD 3D

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I´m new in 3D projection.I´m thinking of getting an Acer H5360BD pj but I have
many doubts.
The purpouse is getting 3D projection from bluray 3d isos, bluray 3D discs and
3D mkv files.Always using a PC with an Nvidia gts 450 graphic card.I use one HDMI out to
send video to the pj and one Display Port out with HDMI conversor to send HD bitstream
audio to an Onkio receiver. I have a 3 meters-wide screen and 5 meters projection distance.

Doubts : 1/ Does this pj work for 3D with this graphic card?.Specially with isos from the PC?
How do I have to configure the system?
2/ Which software do I have to use? I have now TMT 5, Powerdvd 11 and MPC HC.
3/ Do I need Acer DLP glasses or I can use any DLP glasses? Are there different
quality DLP glasses? Will they work at the distance of 5 meters? Are there many
viewing artifacts?
4/ Any other options to this pj... for more or less the same price?

Thanks a lot in advanced.
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If you only ever play from the video card, you actually don;t need the HDMI 1.4a capability of the H5360, tho it is very convenient for use with blu-ray player or ps3.

It will work fine with PC and tmt5.

To play 3D from nivia card you need the 3dplay kit OR a software hack. Search for "enablestereo.bat" for details. You may have to use the 285.62 drivers and run the program each time before watching movies. one important thing is to go into nvidia control panel and delect the projector for 3d each time.

The $30 ebay DLP link glasses just fine. Check out the 3d forum here and read the old threads on glasses. Some have better range than others but i think you will be ok at 5m, some of the glasses worked farther.

After all that, the 5360 3D picture is beautiful and bright. Very nice. The only possible reason to wait would be the new 1080p coming out, but those would be more expensive, obviously.

It can be difficult to set up at teh beginning, but once you get it working it takes only 1 minute. If you have questions as in 3D forum. good luck.
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